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European police cooperation in cross-border financial investigations

Criminals often disappear across borders, along with their money. Cooperation between European police forces is therefore vital. The European Police College (CEPOL) conference on 14 March will focus on cross-border financial investigation.

photographer: Richard van Elferen

The Dutch Police Academy is chair of CEPOL, an EU agency, during the Netherlands EU Presidency. CEPOL offers education and training for law enforcement officers on important threats to internal security in the EU.

Follow the money

Financial investigation is an effective method in the fight against international crime.

Drugs, arms and human trafficking. Fraud, money laundering and international terrorism. Organised crime destroys lives and undermines societies. It can only be combated effectively if we work together at an international level.

One investigative tool in particular has proven to be very effective: Financial investigation. Financial investigation is tracking down criminal organizations by following their money.

Criminal activities leave financial traces. By investigating these traces, criminal evidence can be gathered, criminal organizations and their members can be identified and brought to justice.

Financial investigation is also: identifying and recovering the proceeds of crime. Confiscating and freezing assets and money hit at the very heart of criminal organizations.

It disrupts their criminal activities or, even better, makes them impossible. In financial investigation, multidisciplinary cooperation is a key factor to success. All organizations involved work together across borders.

Each year in the EU, the proceeds of crime total an estimated 110 billion euro. The impact on society is enormous. We have to respond. And we can: There’s a powerful tool available: financial investigation. Let’s use it. Now.

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The conference outcomes and recommendations will be used as input for the next Presidency conference on financial investigation.