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JHA Council to discuss creation of European border and coast guard

The European Ministers of Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) will meet in Brussels on 10 and 11 March for the fourth JHA Council of the Netherlands Presidency. An important item on the agenda is the proposed establishment of a European border and coast guard agency, which would help enhance the management of Europe’s external borders.

Grens- en kustwacht

Photographer: Guido Koppes

European border and coast guard

On 10 March the ministers will focus on finding solutions to the migration issue. One key aspect of this issue is the creation of a European border and coast guard agency, a proposal put forward by the European Commission in December of last year.

Priority of the Presidency

The creation of such an agency is one of the priorities of the Netherlands EU Presidency. The Netherlands is doing everything in its power to reach a political agreement before the end of its term. Between now and the end of April, each meeting of the JHA Council will work on crafting a joint Council position. Once that is in place, negotiations will be opened with the European Parliament.

Infographic about the new agency

In the infographic below, you can follow the evolution of the European border and coast guard agency, from Commission proposal to political agreement.

Counterterrorism directive

On 11 March the ministers are expected to conclude an agreement on a proposal for a counterterrorism directive designed to prevent the financial system from being used for money laundering and terrorist financing. Another item on the agenda is European consumer protection. Consumers should be able to buy digital products (such as computer games, music and films) safely and securely throughout the EU.


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