Jun 28

Professional Qualifications safe in Motion

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Europe Building, Amsterdam

The conference will examine possible ways to safeguard patient safety when healthcare professionals can practise their profession in any country in Europe. It will also explore ways to support healthcare professionals, so that they can deliver good-quality work.

The conference is being held in light of the revised European Directive on the recognition of professional qualifications, which entered into force in 2016. Issues to be addressed include the European Professional Card, a new method for recognising professional qualifications (meeting the tight terms in particular has proved challenging) and the new alert mechanism for member states to warn each other about healthcare professionals who should not be allowed to practise. What experiences do the various countries have? What works well and what can be improved?

It is important that healthcare professionals meet quality standards. The afternoon programme will share best practices about signaling and preventing suboptimal functioning. Current research about the early signals of suboptimal function will be presented - translated into practical tips. And we will discuss the possible roles and responsibilities of different institutes and organizations: what can employers do? What role could the national representatives of the profession take? What about the influence of education and Continuous Professional Development? And how can the professional and her/his family and friends help? We will outline a broad scope of possibilities and best practices about signaling and preventing suboptimal functioning – giving the participants of the conference the opportunity to cherry pick what fits best for them and their country.