May 02

European Forensic Science Area 2020: The way forward

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Europe Building, Amsterdam

Crime does not respect national borders. Delegates to this conference on the European Forensic Science Area will discuss ways of improving the quality of forensic investigation throughout Europe.

EU countries regularly share forensic evidence such as DNA profiles and fingerprints. It is very important that citizens be protected from substandard forensic evidence when prosecution takes place in another country. The police and judicial authorities also need to be able to rely on the quality of forensic evidence from other EU countries in order for it to be used effectively in court.

By reaching agreement on minimum quality standards for forensic investigation, the Netherlands hopes to stimulate cooperation between EU countries on criminal cases and enhance confidence in each other’s knowledge and skills. This will create a ‘European Forensic Science Area’ in which EU countries are able to exchange forensic knowledge and expertise more freely. Delegates at the conference will discuss what form the Area should take, and what activities it should engage in.