Tackling migration crisis remains top priority

An unprecedented influx of asylum seekers. Inhuman conditions. The EU is facing one of the biggest challenges since its creation. How should we manage this issue? What can the Netherlands achieve during its EU Presidency? An overview of the most relevant current publications on this website.

Agreement between EU and Mali, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire

Koenders en president Ivoorkust

On behalf of the EU, the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bert Koenders, made agreements on migration with Mali, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire.
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Q&A on the agreement between the EU and Turkey

Photo: European Union

The European Commission’s website contains a handy Q&A on the key points of the agreement reached by the European Union and Turkey on 18 March.
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Infographic: European border and coast guard

European border and coast guard

Photographer: Guido Koppes

The high number of illegal border crossings calls for fast, effective measures to combat illegal immigration and migrant smuggling.
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Supporting Greece

Vluchtingen in de rij

Photographer: Guido Koppes

No other EU member state is struggling with the same mass influx of migrants and refugees that we are seeing in Greece. All member states must help deal with this situation. But how do we do this?
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Safeguarding European values

Kind uit Syrie

Photographer: Guido Koppes

The refugee crisis is forcing Europeans to ask themselves how to combine hospitality with openness and freedom. How do we protect fundamental European values and freedoms?
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Migration routes to the European Union


Photographer: Eva Klijn

What routes do migrants take to reach the European Union? Frontex, the EU’s external border agency, has created an overview.
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Photografer credits 'Dossier Migration' on homepage: Maikel Samuels / Hollandse Hoogte