A Presidency focused on innovation

Innovation is a central theme of the Netherlands EU Presidency. It is high on the agenda and is the topic of many events and meetings, including those aimed at a broader public. But the way the Netherlands is approaching and shaping its Presidency is also innovative. An overview of the most relevant current publications on this website.

Constantijn van Oranje: ‘Let innovative startups find their own way’

For Constantijn van Oranje, who works to encourage startups, innovation is at the core of enterprise. In this interview he talks about going global, the value of data and the importance of drinking coffee. > Read more

EU ministers to try out self-driving cars

The idea of self-driving cars might sound futuristic to some, but on 14 April European transport ministers will put their faith in this technology and take a ride through the streets of Amsterdam.
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European Space Solutions

A specialist conference on the potential of technologies from European space programmes, with an interactive public exhibition.
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Quantum Europe

Quantum mechanics can help solve global problems. It represents a huge opportunity for scientists and industry. But is Europe ready for the second quantum revolution?
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E-zine about innovation

The e-zine  about innovation contains a selection of reports previously published on EU2016.nl that are associated in some way with innovation. Together, they paint a portrait of an innovative Presidency.
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