Cultural programme

The Netherlands has a wealth of art and culture. This has inspired the ‘Europe by People’ cultural programme which will be launched during the Presidency.

Impressie The Wall

Artist’s impression of ‘The Wall’ ©La Bolleur

Work in progress

‘Europe by People’ illustrates the fusion of art, culture, society and innovation in the Netherlands. It’s a creative and inspiring example of Europe as a work in progress.

The Netherlands has always been a confident and idealistic country that pursues cooperation with others. The cultural programme will enable members of the public to connect with one another, with the Dutch Presidency and with Europe.


‘The Wall’ – an artwork made of interactive screens located near the central meeting venue in Amsterdam – symbolizes our open society. It will make political processes visible and serve as a forum for exchange between civil servants, artists and the general public: anyone can join in.

Special website

During the six months of the Presidency, over 200 activities will be held in the Netherlands and Brussels. For more information, go to

Europe by people

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