From Instagram to Reddit

The Netherlands is using the very latest methods in its communications during its EU Presidency – from Instagram and Reddit to hackathons and infographics. Using a variety of channels allows us to operate transparently and make complex matters understandable for everyone.

Website and social media

A website in four languages, Twitter and Instagram accounts and postings on Flickr and YouTube. The Netherlands is using all these channels to ensure transparency and to connect and engage with the European public. News items, press releases, photographs and videos get extensive exposure. Along with the general public, specific groups like journalists and delegates can find press releases, news photos, meeting documents and copies of speeches made by ministers and state secretaries online.


How does Europe combine international aid with trade? What issues are the EU ministers of justice and home affairs focusing on during the Presidency? And how can Europe make its food healthier? Infographics can answer these and other tricky questions, and make clear the Netherlands’ aims for its EU Presidency.

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Ask Me Anything on Reddit

‘Ask me anything you want.’ Dutch foreign minister Bert Koenders posted this invitation on the international online forum Reddit on 8 February. He was the first Dutch minister ever to do so, thus underlining the importance of transparency. Online users asked him over 200 questions, ranging from the personal to the political, from Syria and the flow of refugees to the Ukraine referendum.

View the session here

Transparency Camp

In June 2016 the Netherlands will be holding a ‘Transparency Camp Europe’ in Amsterdam, where experts will discuss transparency and open data in Europe. There will be two parts to the Transparency Camp: an app competition and an unconference.

The app competition will challenge Europeans to use open data to develop an app that sheds light on the European decision-making process. The unconference will take place in Amsterdam on 1 June, launching a debate on EU transparency with NGOs, the IT sector, journalists, academics, politicians, the government and start-ups.

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