Presidency report: Migration

The EU faces important challenges in the area of migration. These challenges have the potential of jeopardizing some of the most valued achievements of the EU, such as the Schengen area which is crucial for freedom of movement and the good functioning of the internal market. These challenges affect all of our citizens. 

A comprehensive and systematic approach to migration

In the first Presidency report (published on February 13), building on progress made, a comprehensive and systematic approach to the current migration crisis were outlined.

Joining efforts on migration

The second Presidency report (published on March 4) offers a state of play since 18 February. The report focusses on those elements encompassing the comprehensive approach, which have a specific importance in the context of the lunch meeting of the EU heads of state or government and Turkey on 7 March and the subsequent meeting of the Members of the European Council.

Concrete solutions to real problems

The 7 March EU Heads of State or Government meeting has decided on concrete solutions to real problems to face the current migration situation. According to the Statement of the EU Heads of State or Government from 7 March, the President of the European Council will take forward the Turkish proposals presented during the meeting and work out the details with the Turkish side before the 17-18 March European Council. The Heads of State or Government will come back to the migration file in all its aspects in view of the ongoing challenges and those in the months ahead.

The third Presidency report (published on March 15) prepares for that meeting and provides an overview of ongoing activities and foreseen actions that contribute to this common strategy.